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Outreach Equipment

Enhancing your Church Outreach
call the office to reserve 909.687.1360 or email brenda@iesba.org

Items Available for Check-Out
  • Generator (5500) - Three available
  • Popcorn machine - Three available 
  • Cotton candy machine - Three available
  • Snow cone machine - Three available
  • Bounce house/blower - Three available
  • Hot dog warmer - One available
Items you need to use machines: 
  • Extension cords
  • Fuel
  • Popcorn Machine Items:
    • Popcorn kernels, oil (2 oz of oil to 1 cup of kernels), bags, salt
  • Cotton Candy Machine Items:
    • Cones (thin cones to grasp the C.C.), Floss (Flavored sugar)
  • Snow Cone Machine Items
    • Cubed ice, syrups, and cones
Most of these items can be purchased at Smart and Final