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What to do with a messy ministry area?

In The Beginning Ministries - Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What to do with an old building?  This was the question that Pastor David Squyres of Palms Baptist Church in 29 Palms, California was asking himself earlier this year.  "Frankly, our children’s ministry space was ugly.  And – it was getting uglier every week" said Pastor Squyres. No pastor wants the congregation or visitors for that matter to drop their kids off in a messy ministry space.  As Pastor Squyres says," would you?  Probably not."

More and more junk was appearing on the walls as various ministries tried to lend a hand to the depressing ambiance.  Posters; flags; drawings; charts and more were all tacked to the walls hoping to brighten things up, but it just wasn't working.

“We can do better,” Pastor David told the congregation.  So the Church embarked on a mission (you talk like that when a major Marine Corps base is just down the street) to turn the messy ministry space into an area that would make any kid go, “WOW!”  Thus work began this Summer on Kidz Town USA.  

Under the oversight of Bobbie Olaughlin, "Kidz Town" got under way.  It was a whole church project.  Members came to build, paint, and attach projects to the walls.  People would take projects home, paint them or build them and then bring them back.  What has taken place is a total transformation of the ministry space.

One visitor's child exclaimed, “This is awesome!  Can I live here?” 

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